Idea development 5: Survey Interview

This is the question for interviewing. I did it with 27 people(16 women and 11 men ) and took around 5 minutes per person. The objective of these questions is how people connect the scent with the visual image, memory, colour. gender, sound and texture?
and I did the table for comparing the answer in each scent.

Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 01.27.58

Fortunately, their answer quite connected together. So I can construct the narrative from this table. I feel really good about doing the survey with people because I can combine my opinion with them and it was very useful for my project. Although some answers are too deep and too personal for using it.

Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 01.28.07

Idea development 4: Concept

So for this project, I came up with the idea of the multisensory strategy in the retail experience, I started with the olfactory perception because my product is the scented candle so I selected three different scents of the candle.
1. Unicorn: made from plump raspberries, sweet vanilla and squiggly marshmallows.
2. Petite Fleurs: made from a floral blend of sweet pea, muguet, lily, cyclamen and gardenia.
3. Man candle: made from Guaiacwood Oil is the base and combine with fresh citrus.
From all of these scents, my concept is build more relationship between product and audience in the store. Not only the scent of the candle but also combine with the other senses too.

Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 01.22.10

This is the presentation from the final crit and after I got feedback from Harriet about the tactile because back then I have an idea about the container of the candle will be the ceramic that made by local people because I really want to support her idea about refill the candle wax into the same packaging after you already finish it. But the problem is the handmade ceramic also have the story in it and when I try to combine
every element together. It seems like too many stories on have to figure it out later about tactile development.

Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 05.31.53
The first idea on tactile development


This is the target market board, I want to expand the target market in the people in the ages of 18-35 due to from the result of customer demographics, the main customer is the women in the middle age group. I try to reach the younger customers and unisex.


Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 01.22.00
Target market board


Idea development 3: About the brand and brand analysis

I started interview Joella, who is the owner of this business through the Facebook messenger chat. I really like her idea about saving the environment and try to reduce and recycle the container by refill anything that we want and this is the presentation that I made about her brand.

Screen Shot 2561-08-06 at 23.48.21

Screen Shot 2561-08-06 at 23.48.32

But she also encourages to refill any container of every brand because in her Facebook’s page. She posted a lot of photos of order that she refilled in the Molton Brown and Jo Malone candle containers. This stuff ruins her branding because she has the good quality of her candle but she refills and promotes it in the other brand container.

Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 00.51.43

From the customer demographics that she sent to me. As a result, She sell90% of her candles locally within 5 miles radius and 99% to women because she only has just one male customer. and now it seems like her target market is women mainly ranging from the age 35-54.

Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 00.33.03


Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 00.30.12
I select some brand competitors that success at the moment in candle business.


After I know about the brand I try to write down the SWOT analysis of this brand for making sure what is the strong point of this brand. and what is the thing that I have to develop further in the next process.

Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 00.32.41


Idea development 2: Finding the ​company

Firstly, I felt so stressed about finding a company to collaborate with. After I have the first tutorial with Anya. She tells me about the Top drawer and Springfair website.

Screen Shot 2561-08-06 at 23.57.30

Top Drawer is the  UK and international lifestyle brands to present new ranges and best sellers in the curated and complementary worlds of Home, Gift, Fashion and Craft. This fair is good to look at the example of the idea and how they present the product due to most of them already develop their branding and designing so far.
Screen Shot 2561-08-06 at 23.56.43
Spring Fair is the UK’s No.1 trade show for launching the new products. I searched from their website in the perfume and fragrance category. I tried to look for the brand that doesn’t develop that much in their branding, packaging and logo.

Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 00.15.37
The bottle candle Co. logo
Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 00.19.02
The candle company Cambridge logo

I send the email to some brands and I got the good feedback from two brands. One is the bottle candle co. in Manchester and another one is the candle company Cambridge. But I choose the one in Cambridge because it’s closer and easier to work with.

Research 3: Multisensory marketing

After I have done with reading about human perception and I already come up with the idea of multisensory in branding space so I start to do more research about multisensory in marketing and branding. From my aspect, many of our daily interactions now centre on storytelling and customer experience so multisensory in branding and design is increasingly important for consumers and brands.

In the retail environment, appeals to our five basic senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste) play a significant role in how customers experience, evaluate, and purchase a product. This article provides an overview of the history of sensory marketing research and theory and explores a cross-section of contemporary studies investigating the impact of sensory appeals in the retail environment, particularly in fashion retail settings.

Visual Marketing 
Generally, sight is the most seductive sense in the traditional marketing because everyone cares about appearance and designing of packaging, colours, print and pattern. The relationship between the visible quantity of a product perception very affects to the price and value of the product.

Auditory Marketing
Always come together with the sight, the sound is used as the traditional element in the brand-building process. As a result of the possibilities that affect store atmosphere and brand image through emotions. For example, Cosmetics brand Lush extends its sound bath inspired spa treatments into the mix CDs

Olfactory Marketing
The sense of smell emotionally affects human beings up to 75% more than any other sense. Studies illustrate that the smell of a product and its sales environment is more essential than sight and sound during the buying process. In fact, a brand-specific odour is likely to evoke the connection to the brand and strengthen the brand identity.

Gustative Marketing

Taste offers the most specific function of any of the five human senses. In effect, different tastes are distinguished by various combinations. For example, A person can be exposed to aroma without including the taste but it is possible to taste something without smelling it.

Tactile Marketing 
Less marketing consideration is given to the sense of touch, tough as it engages a greater area compared to any other sense. So, the tactile sense improves the customer’s brand experience by giving information about the brand’s sensory value.


Idea development 1: Candle trend

From the first idea, Due to my BA, I focus on fashion design, but now I want to try something new apart from clothing and I really interested in lifestyle product and how to promote it. Because the product and quality, production and consumption, personality and lifestyle, everything is connected. So in my opinion, branding is not just only adding the price and value to the product but branding also promotes the consumer’s lifestyle, and it will become a kind of lifestyle culture.

When I decide to promote the lifestyle product, The first thing that pops into my head is the candle. Due to I always curious why the people in my generation such as my friend and my cousin or even me too. Everyone always buys the candle for different reasons. Some buy because of making room environment better, decoration the room/house and buy it like a luxury product for supporting their lifestyle on social media.

Screen Shot 2561-08-05 at 04.32.05

And this is the presentation that I did research about the candle trend in this generation. And I really enjoy when I was researching because everything was connected.

Research 2: Phenomenology​ perception

After sending the plan of my critical report, I have a tutorial with Harriet about my MA project and influenced the reading of the Phenomenology perception written by Maurice Merlaue-Ponty.

Screen Shot 2561-08-05 at 04.15.16

From in his investigation of the Phenomenology of perception, He defines phenomenology as the study of essences, including the essence of perception and of consciousness. He also says, however, the phenomenology is a method of describing the nature of our perceptual contact with the world. Phenomenology is concerned with providing a direct description of human experience.

Perception is the background of experience which guides every conscious action. The world is a field for perception, and human consciousness assigns meaning to the world. We cannot separate ourselves from our perception of the world.

Merleau-Ponty argues that both traditional Empiricism and Rationalism are inadequate to describe the phenomenology of perception. Empiricism maintains that experience is the primary source of knowledge and that knowledge is derived from sensory perception. He also explains that a judgment may be defined as a perception of a relationship between any objects of perception. A judgment may be a logical interpretation of the signs presented by sensory perceptions. Perception is not purely interpretation. Consciousness is a process that includes sensing as well as reasoning.

According to the last episode of this book, the human body is an expressive space which contributes to the significance of personal actions. The body is also the origin of expressive movement and is a medium for the perception of the world. Every sensation belongs to a sensory field. Space may be defined as a form of external experience, rather than as a physical setting in which external objects are arranged. The relationships between objects in space are revealed by the experience of the perceiving subject. A perceptual field is a field in which perception is present in time and space. Space in modified and restructured by time.

This reading really gives me about the idea of consumer perception in branding space. because human perception is the best method to convey the experience but I have to develop more about branding idea.