Craft and Technology in retail space

On Tuesday morning, We had a lecture with Harriet about HAND-MADE. During her speech, we talked about craftsmanship or craftswomanship. I thought I have both sides between conceptual thinking and actual working due to I used to work as a fashion designer before.

Then, we talked about the craft. In my perspective view craft is not a mass product, it has limited to produce the same pieces of work.
But in our generation, people feel more interested in the handmade product because they need to be uniqueness (different from the others). Hence, the company always use the words like ‘hand-made’, ‘home-made’ and ‘craft’ for adding the value and selling point to their product.

Harriet gave us the lecture about William Morris (1834-1839) that so inspired me. He is the godfather of the craft. He was a significant contributor to the revival of traditional British textile arts and methods of production.Morris founded a decorative arts firm with Burne-Jones, Rossetti, Webb, and others: the Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. Becoming highly fashionable and much in demand, the business profoundly influenced interior decoration throughout the Victorian period, with Morris designing tapestries, wallpaper, fabrics, furniture, and stained glass windows.


From the concept of branding something as home-made and giving a nostalgic feel for it. Harriet gave us a task for exploring the Grand Arcade and look for the stores that use this technique.

The first shop that we found is Topshop, in the store, there is a little corner. That has the recycled and upcycled vintage clothing name Loving Youth by Blue Rinse.
This type of clothes stands out from the other garments in Topshop.
And when we looked at the tags that hang on the clothes. The description was typed in a handwriting font.

Krispy Kreme store decoration massive focusing on a nostalgic branding technique. Their logo still uses the retro American concept.
Even though the pictures on the wall, it the old scene of Krispy Kreme in the past. I think they want to add value to their doughnut more feel classic and original taste.

In the VANS store. I think they have a strong key marketing that related to brand history. They decorate entire store and name the different shoe styles inspired by their past.


The most obvious example of this marketing strategy is Chocolat Chocolat. In this store, we can see it clearly that chocolate was handmade.The decoration in this shop playing on the concept of French chocolate store. Apart from the interior design, we focus on the advertising in front of the store. Everything was handwritten with chalk.

At the end of the afternoon, we came back to class and compared about our exploration. I think this is one kind of a strong marketing strategy for telling the brand narrative that they want to say to their customers.

Collective Project

In Theory & Research class we talked about ” come together, be together, work together “. The proposal of this project is how to use art and design to improve a social relationship.

Harriet gave us a group task. In my group, we have Borey, Yue and me. I like this team so much because we had different disciplines, but everyone related together with fashion.

Borey, he has a high leadership potential and very well organising. He always comes up with the new ideas. He can arrange when our group plan what we need to do and decide the responsible for each member. Yue, she not only good at textile but she also good at research and develop our idea. I think the key to this project is how we can communicate with our group.

In our group, we decided to combine our skills and create a project that can be both of commercial and activist collective. Our plan is about creating a non-gender white shirt that has just only one size with a complicated and flexible pattern. It would have a belt, buckles and oversized, For example, A family can buy just only one shirt for everyone in the family.

69     Untitled-1
our brands reference is 69 WORLDWIDE and ONE DNA

I think the reason why our group project meets the brief better than Group 2 is their plan has lots of limitations. Their project has to deal with a massive company and the government. But our group is a specific product. So we can get more focus on our target group and product design.

Deconstruct partner

this is the illustration while I was observing at Danill.
Think about how they are communicating their identity. What do they want day to know? What do they perhaps not want you to know?

My friend name Danill. I think he is looking for the boyfriend. He 25 years old. He comes from Ukraine. He loves fashion and wants to be a fashion designer. He likes to watch Workin’ 9 to 5 video so much. He is well-organised, clean and perfectionist. His character like a funny father. Hahahahahaha ! he obsesses in the effect of water such as water flow and water surface. He wakes up very early. He is a healthy person. Always eat clean food like a chicken and some vegetables. I think his style is formal, elegant and sophisticated.
He likes leather shoes his favourite designer is Tom Ford. I think he is a private person; likes travel sometimes but prefer staying at the tidy house. I think he doesn’t care about religion or politics that much. I think his favourite colour is black. He doesn’t drink alcohol and always use his MacBook. He likes dancing. He communicates his identity through his fashion style and the way when he is speaking.He always looks after everyone and perhaps not want everyone know when he has problems.