Fitzwilliam x CSVPA

Lupe and I have a chance to do the folding leaflet for the Oasis x Csvpa x Fitzwilliam museum late night event. we work together but split up about the font ant the back.
due to Lupe good at writing skill so I worked on designing the layout and combining with my handwriting, It was a very good project because Harriet told me my portfolio still lack life event project. so I think this task can make my portfolio better. And Lupe is a good partner to working with because we helped and listened each other.

This is the final outcome:

Screen Shot 2561-05-09 at 02.45.40

Screen Shot 2561-05-09 at 02.46.05

Self-Initiated Project: Final Outcome and Reflection


Screen Shot 2561-05-09 at 02.16.32

This is my final outcome of the editorial book. I am very pleased with it. I have just only one week to do everything for the deadline. Since shooting styling and creating the layout but this is an excellent project for me. I combined every skill that I learnt from an internship into this project. How to prepare the clothes for shooting. How to coordinate the shoot and set the location for shooting. Furthermore, now I can use InDesign much better before the internship.  I knew how to use the bleed and slug and create the crop marked before print it. but I have to fish all of the layouts in one day. So I think if I have a couple more will be better

Self-Initiated Project: Idea and development 1

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 15.32.42

After I broke down the trend already, I decided to select six bullets to point to create the story in my mini-trend editorial book. I use each bullet point to be my topic in each pair of layout the photo and the graphic design supposed to go together in the same way. so this is the concept of my book

Screen Shot 2561-05-07 at 04.04.47

And this is my idea of the editorial books. I want to make the mini brochure in the magazine about the consumer trend in the next generation that makes people easy to understand with photo and graphic design text.


Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 15.32.06
My Typography Research


Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 15.32.14

This is the colour palette that I choose for my brochure. I choose the colours that make my photo more outstanding because the overall colour of my photoshoot is quite colourful.

This is my layout design research, I selected the interesting layout that plays around with the font and graphics text such as magazine pages, brochures and posters.

Week 7-8: Research, Methodology and Critical Reflection

This the week 7 for Rachel’s lecture this week is about research and methodology. I agree with the context of research is important for all aspects of design and this is a vital part of problem-solving. this lecture is useful for everyone that working in design industry because after we got our concept. the research is the next important part that can support our idea and make everything stronger.

Due to the project that I am working on is the self-initiated project. this is the research project. So this is very useful for me because in this lecture. Rachel teaches us about how to plan and set an objective for our research.

The plan for doing research
1. What might you research?
2. Why is your research needed?
3. You will need to make the initial search for information that supports your hunch.
4. Consider the methods you plan to use, collecting data, keep a reflective journal,
managing information.
5. This material provides evidence for questioning and backing up your research
6. By this point, you should be in a position to decide is the research worthwhile

For the week 8 is about critical reflection.
the critical reflection is the important process that we have to write since last semester. It’s a process of self-examination and evaluation. it helped me to develop and more understanding my project. I can reflect my thoughts and feeling and that time, write down the idea that popped into my head and the most important is after I reflect on my development part, some process it was failed but can learn from failure and develop it in the better way. this is the good opportunity of self-knowledge for me.

Screen Shot 2561-05-07 at 01.02.31
From the lecture, Rachel suggested this book to us, This book will help us to think about how to link the reflective cycle, making you think through all phases of experience and activity. so I think I gonna find it to read in someday. lol

Week 6: Innovative Spirit

From this lecture, we learn about an innovative spirit is a mindset that actively seeks
change rather than waiting to adapt to change. It’s about taking ownership and pride in our work. An innovative spirit is also associated with taking calculated risks and, sometimes, failing.“Innovation comes from pushing beyond the expected.”

From example interested in Carnovsky: Carnovsky is a creative duo formed by Milan-based artists Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla. their new exhibition RGB is very interesting that combine printed and light colours together.RGB is a work about the exploration of the “surface’s deepness”. RGB designs create surfaces that mutate and interact with the different chromatic stimulus.


RGB’s technique consists in the overlapping of three different images, each one in a primary colour. The resulting images from this three level’s superimposition are unexpected. The colours mix up, the lines and shapes are not completely clear. Through a coloured filter (a light or a transparent material) it is possible to see clearly the layers in which the image is composed. The filter’s colours are red, green and blue, each one of them serves to reveal one of the three levels.


I think this is will be useful for my inspiration in the future. they create the amazing interaction artworks. Carnovsky has not only exhibited the RGB series just only one wall but they have experimented on different surfaces and canvases such as scarves, wallpapers, skins and framed prints.

Fairs, M. (2018). RGB by Carnovsky | Dezeen. [online] Dezeen. Available at: [Accessed 6 May 2018].


Week 5: Exploration and Experimentation

Experimentation is an important part of our professional development and can help to develop creative expression which in turn can problem solve creative projects.

From any kinds of experimentation, I quite interested in experimentation with college and the example from Rachel is Peter Blake: He was another artist in the 60’s, who embraced the use of his work. The cover of the Beatles album Sergent pepper shows his use of college and cut out, a technique he still used today.


I saw this cover of the Beatles album since I was young. and I thought college in the best technique for doing something surreal because we can move everything around. Si in the self-initiated project I got some inspired by his work. at this moment he is my favourite artist of collage artworks. 😀



Week 4: Concept and idea

From the Rachel’s lecture. The communications world is a fascinating world. Soi picked some interesting example that Rachel gave us about fashion brand that has the good idea and concept.

French Connection was another high street brand, with sales dropping, but by creating the more controversial advertisement, combining sex and style it became one of the most dramatic and controversial advertising brands.


I think French connection want to present a credible and focused fashion brand that speaks through its product. It is a brand that celebrates personal style without the gimmicks. In the non-stop world of fashion, They are growing with their product and their social attitude at the same time.