Research 1: Pop-up store

From the mcommerce website. Pop-up stores have become more prevalent in recent years and continue to grow in popularity. These short-term retail environments enable customers to experience products firsthand. E-commerce merchants often use pop-up shops to reach new customers and test out a physical retail environment.


Especially in the Big cities have more pop-up shops. Los Angeles, New York, London, Stockholm, and Berlin all have big pop-up retail scenes. The pop-up model is flexible, and there a number of ways to do it. Businesses can partner with an established retailer or gallery owner and rent out a portion of their space. They also typically choose to have a booth at a craft fair, farmers market or other events. It is also common to rent a vacant storefront for just a short period of time. Business owners may choose to sell a wide variety of merchandise or just a small selection.


Because they are small-scale, pop-ups provide an opportunity for business owners to be creative and use innovative merchandising techniques to attract passersby. Pop-up stores are often characterized by an engaging appearance and innovative design. Successful pop-ups combine a good location and retail concept to create an experience that customers will remember.

What are the benefits of a pop-up shop?

  • Connect with customers: The pop-up retail format allows you to personally get to know your customers and build stronger relationships.
  • Sell more: About 95% of all purchases are still completed offline. This is your opportunity to take advantage of this retail channel.
  • It’s cheaper: Launching a pop-up shop is 80% cheaper than a traditional retail store
  • Test new markets: Easily enter a new market and launch new products.

What is a branded environment?

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my presentation

According to this research about the pop-up store and branded environment. the quotes from design matter and Rachel Gogos very inspired my project for creating the branding space that fulfils with brand characteristics and working within a well-balanced convergence of the physical and my opinion branded environments are extremely significant for brands in that they align the physical and digital in a completely unique way to produce a well-rounded brand experience for customers to remember it.

Bibliography :

First idea

According to my first presentation, I attempt to focus on fashion branding and fashion space-exhibition due to fashion promotion is not just only the concept or idea of promoting the product but we should have the capability to do in many parts of the fashion branding, and I want to do something different from my previous projects. So in this project, I really want to collaborate with the brand in the UK for improving my communication skill and think about their product’s total campaign.
For example
– product development
– brand analysis
– promotional strategies
– fashion retail experience
– printed and digital content

Des Ailes Aux Pieds – shoe shop – Margaux Keller Design Studio

In the final outcome, I think it will be like a pop-up store. The most important thing about my project is how my project can give the audiences an exclusive experience by designing the space that fulfils with the branding concept and lifestyle.

Innisfree Green Lounge pop-up store

Essentially, After this presentation, I Have to do more research for making the concept clearer. And start planning the schedule. in this project, I have to confront many challenges such as Finding a collaborator to work with, Thinking about the issues for a brand concept and Time management.

And after this presentation, I start doing more research but it’s not enough for sure.but after I have the tutorial with Anya I think I will focus on the branding space and consumer perception.

Feedback and things to do
1. Research the product (Trade fair)
    – Ethical product (spring fair, top drawer)
2.Research about branding and retailing
– Looking at the other brand case study
(Analyse what the good and not good branding in each brand)
– Research about space and brand environment (space, music, light, texture)
– Do more research on the ethical product
– Anya gives some journal about space branding
3. Due to this project is an MA final major project, So I should think about the issue or research question. I think I will write down the keywords and try to connect in each theme first.