Collective Project

In Theory & Research class we talked about ” come together, be together, work together “. The proposal of this project is how to use art and design to improve a social relationship.

Harriet gave us a group task. In my group, we have Borey, Yue and me. I like this team so much because we had different disciplines, but everyone related together with fashion.

Borey, he has a high leadership potential and very well organising. He always comes up with the new ideas. He can arrange when our group plan what we need to do and decide the responsible for each member. Yue, she not only good at textile but she also good at research and develop our idea. I think the key to this project is how we can communicate with our group.

In our group, we decided to combine our skills and create a project that can be both of commercial and activist collective. Our plan is about creating a non-gender white shirt that has just only one size with a complicated and flexible pattern. It would have a belt, buckles and oversized, For example, A family can buy just only one shirt for everyone in the family.

69     Untitled-1
our brands reference is 69 WORLDWIDE and ONE DNA

I think the reason why our group project meets the brief better than Group 2 is their plan has lots of limitations. Their project has to deal with a massive company and the government. But our group is a specific product. So we can get more focus on our target group and product design.

First week at CSVPA

In the first day, the school set up some small welcome party for us.
They provided bakery, tea and coffee for everyone. I think everybody in this room felt nervous for meeting new people, but everyone started talking together with the same questions like Hello, What is your name, Where are you from, What course do you study. This simple questions made us felt comfortable with our new friends.

On Monday and Tuesday, we start talking with our course directors. They explained about the introduction of our course, and we had a chance to speak with MA first-year students about our experiences before we come to study here. I felt weird when I have to talk in front of the strangers.

In the first week, we have just only six people in MA class. When I saw their portfolio, everybody has different skills on their work. We have people who apply for Fashion Design, Fashion Promotion, Graphic Design and Photography major. An unusual thing happened on the next day; We have special breakfast together with second-year students for making everyone more closely because we have to work in the same space. While we were eating, we talked about our daily breakfast and food culture in each country.

On Wednesday, we started our project “Reality checkpoint “. Our director said if we are the real artist, we should have undoubtedly perceptions such as tasting, smelling and touching. So our first homework was a sensational diary from our weekend trip.

SENSATIONAL-DIARYthis is my sensational diary when I went to the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Lastly, we have a personal tutorial with our course director; Harriot we sat down in her room and talked about how I was feeling sick even my homesickness. It is perfect thing that we talked about my objectives and my career goal in the future. And I think this is the last chill week that I have to enjoy my weekend before the stress week is coming……..

Deconstruct partner

this is the illustration while I was observing at Danill.
Think about how they are communicating their identity. What do they want day to know? What do they perhaps not want you to know?

My friend name Danill. I think he is looking for the boyfriend. He 25 years old. He comes from Ukraine. He loves fashion and wants to be a fashion designer. He likes to watch Workin’ 9 to 5 video so much. He is well-organised, clean and perfectionist. His character like a funny father. Hahahahahaha ! he obsesses in the effect of water such as water flow and water surface. He wakes up very early. He is a healthy person. Always eat clean food like a chicken and some vegetables. I think his style is formal, elegant and sophisticated.
He likes leather shoes his favourite designer is Tom Ford. I think he is a private person; likes travel sometimes but prefer staying at the tidy house. I think he doesn’t care about religion or politics that much. I think his favourite colour is black. He doesn’t drink alcohol and always use his MacBook. He likes dancing. He communicates his identity through his fashion style and the way when he is speaking.He always looks after everyone and perhaps not want everyone know when he has problems.