Idea development 10: Exhibition

I started with the research board of small interior or small exhibition first. from the research, I learn how people use the small object in the exhibition for decoration it.

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 05.02.09

From the problem of tactile in my project, I come back and think about my topic. Due to my topic is about the brand environment. So, I decided to use the texture in the exhibition, not in the product. this is the mood board of the object that I feel associated with each scent.

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 05.02.15

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 05.02.21

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 05.02.27

I visualise my final exhibition look like the cosy and room in the house. Due to most of the people buy the candle for creating the better atmosphere in their room. So my idea is having a chair to make people sit and relax to listening to the song like in the living room, touch the object around the plinth and smell the candle at the same time.

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 05.02.36

At the moment, I work on the process of creating the QR code for each song. So people can scan and listen to the song immediately in the exhibition.

Idea development 9: Packaging

In the final crit, I presented to everyone with the idea of round tube paper packaging. Because I want the packaging that strong enough for the customer to reuse it again when they want to refill the candle. But after I try to contact the packaging company. Unfortunately, I have to order at least 100 tubes per one design.

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.53.58

After that, I changed the idea into the milk box because of the brand use soy and milk for making candle release less footprint. and I want this milk box come with the handle for reducing the shopping bag and customer can reuse again when they want to refill. So, I do some experiment with handle packaging.

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 05.24.58

I measure the size of a candle and design the packaging by developing from the regular milk box and add the handle to it. Then, I create the dielines in illustrator program and insert the essential information on it.

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.54.40

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.55.13

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.55.21

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.55.28

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.55.35

For the final submitting, I sent the mock-up of the packaging because of the limit of time. I can’t print with the excellent quality of paper on time, and the printed store in Cambridge doesn’t have any waterproof sticker for printing the sticker for the product label. Before the exhibition, I will reprint everything again and do the business card for promoting the brand as well.

Idea development 8: Label​

Designing the label on the candle container, I started with did the researched board about the illustration on the label. I try to do research with the simple illustration, have a character but not too much in detail.

Illustration research board

For the label layout, I got the idea from a gin and tonic label. when I went to the alcohol shop I always saw the interesting label. it makes me feel like a vintage and unique at the same time.


I try to experiment around with the layout of the label in the different version.

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.33.07


After I got the final design, I asked Lupe to help me do the proofreading on the label. and I got feedback from Rachel, I decided to check the space of the font in each paragraph again for making sure everything will be easy to read for the customer.


Final outcome:

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.21.16

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.21.26

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.21.36
* I rename it all because the old name is too obvious like a man candle. so I create the new name for making people can feel the mood in each scent.

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.51.16

Idea development 7: Logo/Brand name

From the present brand name called the candle company cambridge, from this brand name I think it is not attractive enough. So after I interviewed with the owner about the logo, she told me before she uses this logo (She riding the bicycles with her dog in the basket) she used the chandelier as a brand logo before. But after she changes everything changes in the better way too.

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 03.45.17
The present logo

So I come up with the idea of using Joella as a brand name. Due to this brand starts with her passion and her idea. And her name is quite fit with the candle brand too.

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 03.44.32After final crit, I got the feedback from everyone is my logo is too much cartoon. Actually, I also thought like that before present it. So I decide to change into the simple way. I will look for the font for the logo.

Screen Shot 2561-09-02 at 23.06.30
The final logo 

Case study: AVM curiosities

This is a good example of experience with multisensory.AVM Curiosities is the company that explores the relationship between art and the senses by creating the events since 2011. Established by food historian Tasha Marks, With a practice heavily influenced by history, Tasha said The foundations of my ideas come from history but I always try to mix them with a contemporary twist. Confectionery is one of my great passions as it is truly timeless: nostalgia and novelty are powerful tools when used in an artistic context.”


Inspired by the emerging field of Crossmodal, The Sonic Sensorium: Jazz Edition explored the interaction between the senses: pairing music and sound, to taste and aroma, creating an all-encompassing sensual experience.

Sonic+Sensorium+by+AVM+Curiosities+(Photo+-+Paul+Singer)+1-PAS_3029The Sonic Sensorium: Jazz Edition was a concert and tasting menu like no other, pairing the work of three performers with either a creative cocktail, edible perfume or experimental taste.

From this case study, I come up with a lot of idea about multisensory in my candle brand and I think creating an interesting marketing strategy, the more we read and learn from the case study is the more we can get a new idea for our concept.


Case study: Diptyque/ retail experience

I tried to find the case study about the retail experience because of it quite trendy at the moment. and this year Diptyque Celebrates 50 Years of Fragrance with an Immersive Experience.

Event’s poster


Diptyque’s first-ever pop up dedicated to fragrance in New York is like entering a museum of scents dating back to the ‘60s. The SoHo store isn’t only an olfactory experience, but also the visual one too.

Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 06.08.53“A Painter Who Illustrated Scents,” is written in huge letters across a wall. Before the candles and the Eau de toilettes, there were three artists who founded the brand: a painter, an interior decorator, and a set designer. They created fragrances by taking memories into visualization and art. This is the interesting idea in retail marketing about connecting senses together between the scent of the product and vision of art.

dsc2201-1521221994And also we can send anywhere in the country. Those who receive postcards can go into any boutique around the country to receive a little gift from them.




Idea development 6: Music development

This is the three mood boards in each scent, I used the keywords from the questionnaire survey answers for creating the story and mood board and send it to the musician. the mood board can show the visual and mood of the story because before I did the mood board I try to tell the story with musician but it sounds like we are not on the same page, so the mood board is the best way for solving this problem.

Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 01.28.15Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 01.28.24Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 01.28.32

After I work with the musician, he is very dedicated due to he plays every instrument by himself. After I listen to the final outcome. I just very impressed with every song. because I know before we get the final one, it really difficult to communicate because I don’t have any clue about music and it is the long distance work. So this is a really good experience too work with a people in the other industry and learn how to communicate for understanding in the same way 🙂