Idea development 9: Packaging

In the final crit, I presented to everyone with the idea of round tube paper packaging. Because I want the packaging that strong enough for the customer to reuse it again when they want to refill the candle. But after I try to contact the packaging company. Unfortunately, I have to order at least 100 tubes per one design.

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.53.58

After that, I changed the idea into the milk box because of the brand use soy and milk for making candle release less footprint. and I want this milk box come with the handle for reducing the shopping bag and customer can reuse again when they want to refill. So, I do some experiment with handle packaging.

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 05.24.58

I measure the size of a candle and design the packaging by developing from the regular milk box and add the handle to it. Then, I create the dielines in illustrator program and insert the essential information on it.

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.54.40

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.55.13

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.55.21

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.55.28

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 04.55.35

For the final submitting, I sent the mock-up of the packaging because of the limit of time. I can’t print with the excellent quality of paper on time, and the printed store in Cambridge doesn’t have any waterproof sticker for printing the sticker for the product label. Before the exhibition, I will reprint everything again and do the business card for promoting the brand as well.

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