Idea development 7: Logo/Brand name

From the present brand name called the candle company cambridge, from this brand name I think it is not attractive enough. So after I interviewed with the owner about the logo, she told me before she uses this logo (She riding the bicycles with her dog in the basket) she used the chandelier as a brand logo before. But after she changes everything changes in the better way too.

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 03.45.17
The present logo

So I come up with the idea of using Joella as a brand name. Due to this brand starts with her passion and her idea. And her name is quite fit with the candle brand too.

Screen Shot 2561-09-03 at 03.44.32After final crit, I got the feedback from everyone is my logo is too much cartoon. Actually, I also thought like that before present it. So I decide to change into the simple way. I will look for the font for the logo.

Screen Shot 2561-09-02 at 23.06.30
The final logo 

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