Case study: AVM curiosities

This is a good example of experience with multisensory.AVM Curiosities is the company that explores the relationship between art and the senses by creating the events since 2011. Established by food historian Tasha Marks, With a practice heavily influenced by history, Tasha said The foundations of my ideas come from history but I always try to mix them with a contemporary twist. Confectionery is one of my great passions as it is truly timeless: nostalgia and novelty are powerful tools when used in an artistic context.”


Inspired by the emerging field of Crossmodal, The Sonic Sensorium: Jazz Edition explored the interaction between the senses: pairing music and sound, to taste and aroma, creating an all-encompassing sensual experience.

Sonic+Sensorium+by+AVM+Curiosities+(Photo+-+Paul+Singer)+1-PAS_3029The Sonic Sensorium: Jazz Edition was a concert and tasting menu like no other, pairing the work of three performers with either a creative cocktail, edible perfume or experimental taste.

From this case study, I come up with a lot of idea about multisensory in my candle brand and I think creating an interesting marketing strategy, the more we read and learn from the case study is the more we can get a new idea for our concept.


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