Idea development 6: Music development

This is the three mood boards in each scent, I used the keywords from the questionnaire survey answers for creating the story and mood board and send it to the musician. the mood board can show the visual and mood of the story because before I did the mood board I try to tell the story with musician but it sounds like we are not on the same page, so the mood board is the best way for solving this problem.

Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 01.28.15Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 01.28.24Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 01.28.32

After I work with the musician, he is very dedicated due to he plays every instrument by himself. After I listen to the final outcome. I just very impressed with every song. because I know before we get the final one, it really difficult to communicate because I don’t have any clue about music and it is the long distance work. So this is a really good experience too work with a people in the other industry and learn how to communicate for understanding in the same way 🙂

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