Case study: Diptyque/ retail experience

I tried to find the case study about the retail experience because of it quite trendy at the moment. and this year Diptyque Celebrates 50 Years of Fragrance with an Immersive Experience.

Event’s poster


Diptyque’s first-ever pop up dedicated to fragrance in New York is like entering a museum of scents dating back to the ‘60s. The SoHo store isn’t only an olfactory experience, but also the visual one too.

Screen Shot 2561-08-07 at 06.08.53“A Painter Who Illustrated Scents,” is written in huge letters across a wall. Before the candles and the Eau de toilettes, there were three artists who founded the brand: a painter, an interior decorator, and a set designer. They created fragrances by taking memories into visualization and art. This is the interesting idea in retail marketing about connecting senses together between the scent of the product and vision of art.

dsc2201-1521221994And also we can send anywhere in the country. Those who receive postcards can go into any boutique around the country to receive a little gift from them.




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